X-Press Magazine Cover

Composite photo montage


X-Press Magazine was running a story about Perth bands destroying 2012 and commissioned me to create a cover image. I proposed a composite image of members from four different bands literally destroying the city.

My Role

  • Art Direction
  • Photography
  • Photo Editing
  • Photo Compositing

Initial Concept and Inspiration

With the concept of bands destroying the city I drew inspiration from kaiju films and associated spinoffs. Godzilla, King Kong and Rampage but with larger than life band members in place of the monsters.

The Photoshoot

After some rough initial planning I went out and photographed the city buildings with a wide anlge lens titled up. This framed the scene and gave me a good reference point. So I could plan the poses, positioning and point of view needed for the band member photoshoots. With the help of a few props and some lighting inside an improvised studio the band members really got into character for each frame.

Final Image

The final image was delivered to X-Press so their in house graphic designer could apply the final treatment and copy before printing.